Frequently Asked Questions

What does AERObridge do?

• Our mission is to assist in times of catastrophic emergency by coordinating donated aircraft to provide a powerful, immediate response to disaster. By matching aircraft with emergency response teams and critical supplies, we are able to provide a vital window of assistance to save lives and aid those in need.

Who are AERObridge volunteers?

• AERObridge is comprised of volunteers from the business aviation community during non disaster times.

• AERObridge becomes a network of volunteers in business aviation and general aviation as well as utilizes members of any other organization upon activation.

Where will AERObridge respond?

• United States of America

• Up to 1000 NM outside the United States and, in some cases, worldwide.

When will AERObridge respond?

• In regional disasters that overwhelm the local and state emergency response systems.

• When there is no ground access into a disaster area.

• We will not coordinate flights into any areas that compromises the safety of the aircraft and crew; war torn areas, radiological or chemical disaster zones.

Why is AERObridge needed?

• AERObridge has the general aviation experience to coordinate an airlift rapidly until other larger organizations can respond. Rapid response and fluidity are the core components of the aviation industry on an everyday basis.

• Disasters can occur in areas that have no access to commercial airports and require general aviation airports or more innovative solutions that we have the experience to create.

How is AERObridge Funded?

• AERObridge has received donations from individuals and corporations in the past. We could increase our level of preparedness with more resources but we are all volunteers, which keeps our expenses low.

Want to Help?

To register yourself and your aircraft for use in our response fleet, please click the link below.