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Urgent release!

AERObridge is ACTIVATING for Hurricane Dorian. We are setting up for a response to the Bahamas as well as the southeast United States, should the storm require a response closer to home.

Missions are being flown into The Bahamas now.

We have a new system to dispatch, record, and track missions, so it is important to register for access to the new system.

More information will follow as the storm passes.

Again, please take a moment to register yourself into the new system so to have access to all available missions.

To request a flight please click the button below, which will take you to a separate page, then fill out the page completely and we will contact you once we have matched an aircraft to your needs.

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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist in times of catastrophic emergency by coordinating donated aircraft to provide a powerful, immediate response to disaster. By matching aircraft with emergency response teams and critical supplies, we are able to provide a vital window of assistance to save lives and aid those in need.  By drawing on the resources of business and general aviation, we have the capability to respond to catastrophic disasters in a fluid and rapid manner.

In order to maintain a heightened state of readiness, we have engaged in International Humanitarian Aid projects which help transport needed donations directly to the poorest people in 7 underdeveloped countries.  By continuing relationships with our aviation partners globally, we will create a working relationship which will achieve a faster disaster response should we need to activate.

Our Story

We are an NBAA–endorsed group of experienced aviation specialists who coordinate emergency aviation response during disasters. Our primary mission is to assist governments and NGOs by moving people and supplies to where they are most needed.

Primary among those objectives is the establishment of five major logistics bases in the United States, which Pilatuswill allow us to begin initial response efforts as rapidly as possible. To do this we are continually forming new working relationships with FBOs, NGOs, Government agencies and aircraft owner/operators. The coordination of effort and intelligence that these relationships provide will serve to ensure that the assets pledged to us are utilized to maximum effect in time of need.

Additionally, our existing relationships with various NGO's, private corporations and the United States Navy continue to afford us opportunities to assist in non disaster humanitarian operations around the world.