National Aeronautics Association "Outstanding Achievement in the Advancement of Public Benefit Flying" award is bestowed on AERObridge.

AERObridge Founder and President Marianne Stevenson (right) accepting the 2013 National Aeronautics Association "Outstanding Achievement in the Advancement of Public Benefit Flying"Award presented to AERObridge at the September 12, 2013 NAA Awards dinner held in Arlington, VA.


The award recognizes and honors the effort by hundreds of AERObridge volunteers in response to the Hurricane Sandy disaster

AERObridge Receives NAA Teamwork Award for Haitian Relief Efforts


On September 16, 2010 AERObridge was honored by the National Aeronautic Association and The Air Care Alliance in recognition of the group’s efforts to provide transportation and logistics assistance in support of relief work during the aftermath of the devastating earthquake.


During the ceremony, held in the Lyndon B. Johnson room in the United States Senate Building, Air Care Alliance Chairman Rol Murrow thanked NAA Teamwork Award honorees AERObridge, Bahamas Habitat and the NBAA for their effort and dedication, noting that “the volunteers who donated both their time and aircraft to the relief effortrepresent the very best of who we, as an aviation community, are.”


AERObridge President Marianne Stevenson, who accepted the award on behalf of the literally hundreds of aircraft owners, pilots, and support crews that participated in AERObridge’s Haitian relief operations, remarked that “this was an occasion when literally all of general aviation worked together as a common entity towards a common goal. We were able to match the incredibly diverse range of capabilities found within the aviation community to meet the needs of the relief efforts.”


“We had large corporate aircraft providing rapid transit of everything from food and medicine to doctors, nurses and rescue teams into and out of two staging areas that could handle large aircraft; we had an entire 25-aircraft fleet of Pilatus PC-12s doing round robin flights from Santiago, Dominican Republic and Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport into and out of the seven smaller airports throughout the Haitian disaster zone, and we had Cessna 206s and Caravans literally landing on dirt roads to get absolutely critical, life saving supplies into the most remote areas imaginable. It was breathtaking to see the level of dedication and cooperation that everyone involved in the effort put into this operation.”


AERObridge Receives ASAE AAA Summit Award for Haitian Relief Efforts


On September 29, 2010, AERObridge  was among six organizations awarded the Summit Award by the American Society of Association Executives at the association’s 11th annual awards dinner. During the presentation, held at the National Building Museum, AERObridge was recognized, along with the NBAA, for their efforts to provide critical transportation and logistics assistance in support of relief work during the aftermath of the devastating Haitian earthquake.


AEROBRIDGE coordinated donated aircraft, supplies, volunteer pilots, and other assets, helping to ensure that assistance found its way directly to people in need. AERObridge efforts generated more than 800 flights, transported more than 3800 people and delivered 1.4 million pounds of food, water, medical equipment and supplies to the Haitian people in the first 90 days following the earthquake. The first flights coordinated and dispatched by AERObridge arrived into Haiti within two days after the earthquake stuck. Passengers included medical personnel, relief workers, newly adopted children, injured patients and missionaries.


The initiative was most noteworthy for the effectiveness in getting relief to earthquake victims outside the Haitian capital of Port au Prince. Because, in many cases, the roads leading to those towns and cities were utterly destroyed in the earthquake, AEROBRIDGE missions were the only means to provide relief for over two months. All told, AERObridge and the many others involved in this all-volunteer general aviation “airlift” showed the nation's compassion to a people in their hour of greatest need, and the American can-do spirit to the world. In the time since the Haitian airlift took place, AEROBRIDGE has built on its success and has incorporated to become a 501(c)(3) organization. Their standing mission is to assist in times of catastrophic emergency by coordinating donated aircraft to provide a powerful, immediate response to disaster. By matching aircraft with emergency response teams and critical supplies in future disaster response efforts, AERObridge will be able to provide a vital window of assistance to save lives and aid those in need.